Laboratory Ball Valve


Material: PVC, CPVC, PP, PE, PVDF

Color: Dark Gray

Water Stop Pad: TEFLON(P.T.F.E) / EPDM / VITON / NBR

O Ring: EPDM / NBR


*90°C  easily open

*All-purposed type plastic valve and operate in various of installation methods.

*Customized for all of requested specification and space saving.

*Male connector design is benefit for female connector pipes use.  It’s good for cost saving and high efficiency.

*flexible tube connector is benefit for flexible pipes use.  It saves materials cost in installation and high efficiency.

*PVC ball, spindle and main body have various materials for choose.

*O ring of EPDM or pure VITON can be selected.

*Industrial class with compact design.

*Pass 225PSI pressure test under temperature 22°C.

*Anticorrosive and acid/alkali-resistant characteristic is applicable of various of chemical liquid.

* flexible connector valve with small dimension is applicable in lab; sampling and installation of does testing.



  • Suitable for straight run system over 30m and fluid varying temperature over 17oC (30oF)

Note : Do not recommend to service or test with compressed air or gases